PeopleSoft Upgrades

Our Mission

“At HyperGen Inc., We have an unwavering commitment to our clients to provide the highest level of IT services and exceed the expectations of all with whom we form business partnerships." We strive to offer the highest quality services at competitive rates and we work closely with our clients to adhere to their budget, timeline, deliverables, and all other project requirements. We will measure our success not in dollars, but in the references given by our clients and their readiness to call upon us for additional project needs.


Project Kick-Off

Your assigned HyperGen upgrade specialist will come On-site if desired, meet your team, complete a Site Survey, and perform an Architecture Review, High Level Customization Review, and Project Plan Review. They will Establish VPN Connectivity and acquire a backup of your PeopleSoft Environment. Deliverables include Architecture Review Report/Diagrams, MS Project Plan with Complete Upgrade Tasks and Resource Utilization, and Customization Review Documentation.


First Pass

HyperGen's Remote Team will build you a local DEMO environment and build out the Change Assistant environment, apply the certified PUM Images required, complete the First Pass, and deliver to you copies of compare report findings. We employ our three-way compare process to ensure you attain the most accurate customization report.


Test move

HyperGen's On-shore Remote Team prepares the Upgrade Environment, performs the Test Move, analyzes results from the System Unit Testing, and delivers the upgraded database to you. We also provide you with custom scripts, logs, and any other documents used during the upgrade.


Test Move II

Using results from your first Test Move, HyperGen's experienced On-shore Remote Team will perform a second Test Move and update the setup of environment and integration testing.


Go-Live Event

With a successful Test Move, HyperGen will perform the Move to Production, Final Application Setup, and Basic System Testing. It's then time for your Go-Live Event. You aren't alone after that. We also provide you and your staff with Post-Production Support.

Our industry leading HG Upgrade Proprietary Tools will meet all of your upgrade needs. Our proven successful toolkit consists of many unique, collaborative applications, scripts, and techniques developed by our staff to streamline the upgrade process.

HG Assessment Tools

The HG Fit/Gap Generation Tool scans the source "Copy of Production" and target "DEMO" to assimilate information about the current state of your environment. Once the data analysis has completed, the tool generates the Fit/Gap documents for the installed modules along with the programmatic analysis information. The result is an expedited process - and less wait time for you.

Our HG Custom Object Identification Tool scans the source PeopleTools database to quickly identify and document its custom objects. With this tool our team is also able to quickly assess the customization level before starting the upgrade process. In addition, the documents produced by the HG Custom Object Identification Tool can be utilized during the Fit/Gap sessions, and by your staff to review customizations for obsolescence.

HG Data Conversion Tools

The HG SQR Converter Tool performs SQR conversion for record/field renames, alters SELECT WHERE clauses, identifies affected SQL INSERT sections that are impacted, and documents the results in the SQR header section. It also compiles each converted SQR to confirm it passes the compilation phase. This tool will programmatically perform upgrade activities that have traditionally been executed by one or more developers and can accomplish 80% to 90% of the conversion effort. This leaves only a small amount of programs that need developer attention, which can be executed throughout the project.

The HG Query Converter Tool converts custom queries into the target PeopleSoft release. With this tool, all of your custom queries will get converted to the new structures without developer or user intervention. This tool returns a 90 to 98 percent conversion ratio, and can also be executed throughout the project.

HG Testing Tools

Our HG Security Assignment Identification Tool scans assigned-user security and produces a document to be used during the security re-engineering phase of your upgrade. This tool gives you a concise document that outlines each user's security assignments.

The HG Portal Navigation Matching Tool compares the assigned navigations from the source release to the target release and produces a guide for the new navigation paths. This tool gives you the benefit of providing the users, functional SMEs, and client technical members a cross reference clearly displaying the navigation paths between both versions.

Our HG Customization Menu Generator Tool first identifies the existing custom components on the delivered menus. It then accurately creates new custom menus and moves over the respective custom components. The process reduces your future upgrade costs by eliminating the need for a re-application of menu customizations.

HG Test Move/Go-Live Tools

Our HG Script Automation Techniques and Tools give our staff the ability to excel at all stages of your upgrade. We're able to take advantage of numerous scripts and tools we have developed to decrease your upgrade's process time while limiting human intervention.

Our methodology has been perfected through our extensive experience with our 1st Pass Database, PeopleTools Upgrade, Test Move(s) to Production, Production Move, and more. The combination of our documented upgrade process steps and the HG Upgrade Toolkit eliminates many of the manual processes that are required by the PeopleSoft Change Assistant. Let our HyperGen Team and the HG Upgrade Toolkit provide you with the most straightforward and effective upgrade process available!