Data Conversions

Our service package offering combines the needed consultants along with our Extract-Transform-Load platform (ETL) known as "HG Data Mapper" to expedite and streamline your data migration projects. This eliminates the need to license separate tools then locate resources with those specific skills required to perform one-time data transformations. Our strategy is to provide your project with a single solution at the price point of a standard consultant engagement. Our team members provide the full spectrum required to plan, analyze, map, execute and test complex data transformations. Since our consultants utilize the same ETL platform on every engagement they are experts leveraging the toolset, which translates into greater efficiencies and reduced costs for your projects.

Our consultants have used the HG Data Mapper ETL platform for over two decades for a myriad of data transformation projects. We have imported from/to systems including: PeopleSoft®, JD Edwards, Lawson, ADP, Ceridian, MS Access, MS Excel, Text Files, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, and more. In addition, our consultants have a proven and repeatable process, which enables dynamic transformations that function with constantly changing application data.

Notable Uses:

  • Upgrading PeopleSoft that was behind multiple versions in a single pass to the latest version without needing to perform the numerous upgrade passes and steps required using the traditional upgrade process
  • Migrating PeopleSoft from one database platform to another as well as upgrading to the latest version all in a single pass while retiring legacy application data
  • Transforming newly acquired companies into the core back-office application such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and others
  • Merging organizational data running in separate instances and/or applications into a single unified back-office platform
  • Built with a user-friendly interface, underlying tools, and functionality to significantly reduce resource requirements.
  • Allows our staff to perform most, if not all, of the conversion effort since there is little need for actual programming.
  • Integrated back-end tools such as SQL editor, scripting engine and schema decomposer provide the architect with a wide range of capabilities that typically require numerous applications.
  • Capitalizes on functionality from Source, Target RDBMS, and Integrated Functions.
  • Does not require code generation allowing the mapping model to be quickly altered and re-executed to correct inaccuracies
  • Can generate SQL scripts based on the mapping model, which can be executed through the native SQL engine provided by your RDBMS or a third-party vendor.

Our HG Data Mapper allows the conversion specialist to focus on tasks with minimal effort required for coding. It also provides a platform for the analyst to perform many of the same tasks required by developers to load legacy data from source to target. In essence, our application functions much like a data modeler, but with the functionality to migrate data between two separate systems. Our data mapper also:

  • Accesses a database of your system's previously converted application types enabling our consultants to quickly review prior settings and fully focus on the analysis of your custom components.
  • Takes into account internal structures established by PeopleSoft® for the most accurate conversion of application objects such as record definitions, components, pages, default values, and more.
  • Allows for multiple variations of mapping settings to be stored in our repository of proven solutions providing our consultants with the ability to quickly revert to previous mapping configurations during testing.
  • Provides a layout view of the tables and records, as well as views of both applications side by side, to begin the record level-mapping phase.
  • Utilizes inherent RDBMS syntax in both the source and target to build robust mapping models.
  • Contains a scripting IDE, which allows for more complex algorithms with VB and Java-based scripting capabilities making mapping from any source to target possible issues.
  • Performs complex searches to find various components such as table definitions, field definitions or values, database schema or various other legacy or PeopleSoft® components and access all associated objects to guarantee any related records/tables are accurately populated.
  • Provides data accuracy allowing our consultants to establish default values, specify overrides in the form of constants, source database commands or built-in functions, and even create simple or complex "where" clauses for the SQL.
  • Performs in-process conversions on data using built-in functions while the information is being transferred between systems.
  • Eliminates traditional scripting methodologies allowing data-conversion tasks to be performed in a fraction of the traditional time, giving you the same quality and accuracy with a reduction in project expenses.

Please contact HyperGen to learn more about how our team of experts can help streamline your conversion efforts.